Friday, October 1, 2010

Belief comes from feeling

My first Puja.  (Puja=Hindu ceremony).  Dalí, Yoda and The Beatles were there watching from the t-shirt stand across the street..  Music, chanting, smoke, lights, sounds, drum and bass, a menthol smell from the spot on my forehead.  This kind of feels like a rave.

Participation and appreciation of the Puja ushers in a feeling of welcoming from a couple of local dudes who run the juice stand next to the temple.   We are invited for chai, the ceremony that unifies every loose end of this fractured land.  We chat and laugh.  We learn, we share, we give them our impressions of their land.  They share common sentiments of the struggles to achieve success.  Local entreprenaurs, trying to get an edge over multiple iterations of the same.  “Small men, small schemes, big talk, limited means” as V.S. Naipul would say.  Foreign ideas are welcomed, and in a sense preferred over their own.  Signs of a colonized mind.  I feel you my friend, ‘cause so is mine.  But as in my colony, there is always a brighter side.  There is always a reason to laugh and forget that the world is not always kind.

“Belief comes from feeling…FULL POWER”  G2

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  1. Hola mi pana!!
    Good to hear from you and Clari.
    I didn't know you guys were already having so much fun...lucky you! Wish I were there too...
    On this side of the world we are all waiting for Emma's sister to present herself, next Monday Oct. 11, about 7 am...I'll keep you posted!

    Un abrazo grande