Friday, October 1, 2010

Rain and Rickshaws

09.13-15.2010 (Monday-Wednesday)

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

    Our time here was quite chaotic and stressful.  Briefly, Jaipur was all rain and rickshaws. 

We’re lost in the old city, when it starts to pour.  It is the tail end of the monsoon, so 3 drops of rain and Noah starts recruiting.  In a matter of minutes we’re up to our ankles in water, or, more truthfully, a coffee-colored mixture of water, rubbish and feces. We're both wearing sandals.  No way around this one, the bullet must be bit.  Deep breaths accompanied by the repetition of the mantra "it's only water, it's only water".  To minimize the damage, Clari rolls up her pants, causing a riot amongst onlookers since ankles were exposed.  Traditional Indian society, although it seems to be rapidly changing, is very conservative when it comes to women’s attire.  Typically, women are fully wrapped in a long strip of cloth, or sari, on top of layers of undergarments.  Shawls and scarves to complement for covering the shoulders and the head.  In certain circumstances, like in the presence of elders or for attending rituals or ceremonies, women also cover their faces.  

Amongst all this cloth and concealment you can imagine the havoc a pair of ankles can create.  Especially Clari, who’s apparently famous in India and had never told me.  Everywhere we go, we get mobbed.  It’s the running joke, “hurry up before they recognize you”.      

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  1. Esta es mi foto favorita. El nenito con los espejuelos esta pasmado en el tiempo. Abrazos, Monchi