Monday, February 28, 2011

Bitácurry In the News

Our story in the Press.  
Published on Sunday, February 27 in the travel section of "El Nuevo Día" (Puerto Rican newspaper).

To all fellow Bitacurrians, THANK YOU for your support!

***Things have happened fast and some details were left behind.
We will be forever grateful to our dear friend Monica for taking care of our spoiled ungrateful little princess/cat for the first two months of our trip.  We would not be on this journey if it wasn't for your help.
Un millon de gracias, Monic...te queremos muchito.***


  1. perhaps a new career is on the horizon? Jo Ann

  2. Espectacular! Debiste haber publicado la dirección del blog para q los siguieran en su rumbo por un mundo q para la mayoría de nosotros es desconocido en muchos sentidos. Safe trip!! Rosa

  3. Sorry! Ya vi la dirección bajo la foto, ooops....

  4. OMG que emoción!! Hasta llorando de emoción estoy en el trabajo. WOW!!

  5. Juanse... me estas inspirando a hacer lo mismo cuando yo acabe mi PhD... espero que la estes pasando bien por alla!! Bali

  6. I knew this adventure of yours would have brought you somewhere...Keep the good stuff coming!!!

    Your very envious friend

  7. Thanks to all for being part of this adventure. I truly hope that it is just the beginning. Again, thank you all for coming along.

    @Bali: voy a ti, mi pana! Como decia el bumper sticker de SESO, "the sky is the limit"...jajaja!