Sunday, March 13, 2011

BItácurry In El Nuevo Día

With my most sincere apologies to the Anglophonic Bitacurrians, I share with you an article that we contributed to El Nuevo Día about our time in Muang Ngoi. 
Muang Ngoi is a small village in Laos that can only be reached by boat and has no electricity.  Our days there were real chill, mostly spent sippin’ coffee and running around with the local kids.  There was also a really nice sauna and a killer veggie buffet that we hit every night.
You can find the article here and the accompanying photo gallery here.  Even if you are Español-challenged check out the photos, I hope they tell the story.  Below I’m including a few more images for your enjoyment.

And remember, that in Bitácurry SE HABLA ESPAñOL.



Rays Breaking The Clouds

All Smiles

Rice Cakes w/ Extra Focus

Cracks and Bottles



  1. WOW!!! muchas felicidades Juanse y Clari!!! me encantó el artículo!!! y las fotos... mi hermano, sabes que soy fan de tus fotografías!!! espero que algún día nos juntemos, y hablemos de sus aventuras! un fuerte abrazo a ambos!!!

  2. Socio, no tengo palabras...cant get more real.

    mucho amor a los 2, Yo.

  3. I'm so glad you have a picture of the panda pyjamas! They are just as awesome as I remember them! I can also confidently say that that was the best article I have ever read in El Nuevo Dia.

    - Al