Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bitacurry in South East Asia Backpacker Magazine

Filled with profound joy and endless appreciation I share our first magazine article.  Our most sincere gratitude to South East Asia Backpacker Magazine for providing us with the opportunity to go glossy.  As always, thanks to all you Bitacurrians for coming along for the ride.  Let’s hope it’s just the beginning.  Gracias!

In case you missed it, here is the article as it appeared in Bitacurry.


  1. Way to go man!!
    I told you, you could make it a career...and don't step anymore inside those labs...

  2. Thank you Paolo. You know that all this happened only because you make an appearance in the article, both in name and in the spirit. Thanks for you for being an amazing teacher and friend!

  3. Delighted that this wonderful story will be shared with a greater audience.

  4. Hey, Great article, just finished my Southeast Asia Backpacking trip and im missing it already!

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