Tuesday, May 3, 2011

On movement and lack thereof...

While moving slow to catch glimpses into devotion, two things became clearly apparent:  things move fast in Saigon and there are lots and lots of motorcycles here.  Obsessed by the obvious, I did my best to capture the brief instances when the seemingly Brownian chaos was reduced to potentiality.    

The Reader

Motorbike Parking Structure

Smiling Cyclist

Doggy Style

4 Wheeler

Psycho Guavas


With too much energy to be contained, the return to movement might seem inevitable.  It is our task to contain the rage and transform the possibility into positivity. 

For the next 10 days I’m going to do a Vipassana meditation retreat. 
10 days.
10 hours of meditation a day.
No talking.
No eye contact.

Standing on top of the third rope, staring straight into its eyes I pronounce:

“Crack Monkey Mind….IT’S ON!”

The first two bouts for you to revisit while I wage my war:

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  1. good luck with those 10 hours a day of meditation...