Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Holiday in Cambodia

The camera came out of the bag after five days of tropical hibernation. Lounging, reading, drinking “Angkor with a G” and blankly staring off into the sea, a short break before experiencing Cambodia.

Otres Beach, Cambodia


On a pot-holed muddy road on the way from Otres Beach to Sihanoukville we come to an unexpected stop in front of a row of huts.  Our driver turns around and asks us to loan him some cash to buy fish and he will repay us when we get into town.  Apparently the fresh catch in this area is worth asking a stranger for money.  Unsure of his intentions we hesitate at first, but then decide to trust the young man who brought his son along for the first assignment of the day.  We hand over the cash and sit back. 
The indebted driver surveys the bucket.  The scent of fish, the still living and the ones being fried, permeate the misty morning air as the sun starts to cut through the clouds.  The curious loiter about, including a tourist with a camera.  For no apparent reason, a male chicken crosses the road.

Fried Fish Breakfast

The Day's Catch

Life goes about in full color, a tranquil morning in the village.  As I walk back into our ride I notice that not all is smiles.  I think somebody is hungry.

Biker Baby

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