Monday, September 19, 2011

When the Familiar Becomes Strange

Grand Central Chaos

Hoards of humanity zoom by.
Eyes fixed on small screens
Through which reality is seen. 

Try to catch the beat,
I can’t feel the flow. 
Used to get how it went,
Now I’m all bent. 

All seems different,
Though I know it’s still the same.
The filter through which I see it
That has changed. 

Tones are lighter, brighter,
Fewer grays. 
Lines are smoother, clearer,
Not blurred by movement.

No rush, no rat race,
No betrayals of an ego trying to keep pace. 
The winds of the East have ushered in peace.
The storm brewing in my headspace
Has for the moment been blown away. 

Since perception,
Is ultimately deceptive.
And familiarity,
A creative contraceptive,
I welcome the change. 

Try not to get burnt,
Use all that I’ve learnt
It’s the knick knack paddy whack
My shutter will continue to snap.

   …It's just the beginning

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