Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Flip Flop Fiasco

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Petronas Towers.  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

They first came into my path in the streets of Bangkok.  Now, two years later, the thunderous downpour of the northern monsoon sweeps away the memories of these two partners in the journey of self-discovery, re-definition and plenty of other overly-hyphenated-quests.

"The Vortex Of This Rage"

A couple of years of trials and tribulations followed.  An ongoing struggle to find what once was but no longer is.  Strong shouts to slow down and wake up.  Wake up from the nightmare of manufactured consent and submission to the rulers and overlords of our intellects and imaginations.  

A tiny quanta of light emitted by seemingly miniscule efforts illuminated the path out of the downward spiral of what is expected.  I found some light concentrated by photosynthesis and hanging brightly off of the branches.   I have nurtured this light with the sweat on my forehead and my two feet firmly on the ground.  Only a few millimeters of rubber kept me from slipping down the slippery slope of conformity. 

My flip-flops.

My inseparable companions.  I almost retired them to my closet before finding out I was coming back to South East Asia.  They needed to come full circle with me, get back to where they once belonged. 

After a couple of sleep filled days and sleepless nights thanks to a 12-hour shift of my reality I set out to explore Kuala Lumpur.  Among the first things on the agenda are replacing the old road warriors with a worthy successor.  I walk away from a pair because they are too expensive.  Mind you, the originals were 69 Thai Baht (~$2.50) and these were 14.90 Malaysian Ringgit (~$5.00). 

In my mind linger thoughts of attachment countered by the excitement of new beginnings.  As this seemingly eternal struggle carries on the past liberates me from its comforts. SNAP!!!  The right wing of my freedom fighters breaks of.  I wave of laughter ensues as I realize that life has resolved the dilemma for me for a change.  It is time to move on, time for a new adventure.

As a tribute to the fallen fighters here are some of their last instances by my side. 

And in case you were wondering, I was barefoot when I took these photographs.



  1. Hello Juanse!

    What a pleasure to read news on your blog. Great narration full of well placed metaphors - on point!
    I know exactly what you are talking about...
    May your paths be safe and lead to the right places, people and discoveries.
    Enjoy the adventure!


  2. Ole!

    I'm really glad you enjoyed the post.
    I truly appreciate your wishes and I wish you the very best as well.


  3. Hi Juan

    an interesting blog, especially the one on Hue, which I visited last year.

    I look forward to same strange tropical fruit stories in either language.

    Bruce, from Bangar, Brunei, Borneo

    PS. The profile thing below is kinda useless, it won't accept anything except Anonymous