Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Feel Me Flow

I am stepping into the world.  

KRS-One’s boxy four-by-fours are not what I mean.  It is the mesmerizing loops of nature that are making my cochlea vibrate.  Cicadas buzz at high frequencies, the chirping of birds amble through the mids.  The heavy humid hum of a warm breeze rushes through the feet of living legends filling up the low-end and everything in between.  This symphony is making every atom of my body shake.

Stepping into the World

As I gingerly stroll through the paths of Lambir Hills National Park in Sarawak I experience with every sense that I am entering an unknown realm which is telling me a lot more about myself than I could ever learn from browsing through a seemingly interminable muddle of loose bits of data that contain very little information, very little knowledge, very little awareness.  The information superhighway and the world-wide-web float above my head and crawl beneath my feet; much more information that supports my life is being exchanged in this timeless flow that I can feel around me.

The Information Superhighway

World Wide Web

A 52-hectare plot of the Lambir Hills National Park supports more than 1,200 species of trees, 237 species of birds, more than 60 species of mammals and 10 different species of bats, along with an incalculable array of insects and microbial life.  So much diversity manages to coexist in a beautiful dance with ebbs and flows, peaks and troughs, concentration and dissipation.  Feedback loops upon feedback loops; cycles, webs and networks. 


Programmed to embrace linearity and the illusions of equilibrium and stability I have spent most of my waking days unaware of this perpetual stream. My interconnection to this world, only sensed by higher elements of my perception, are starting to shine some light, breaking the barrier of what is within and what I think is outside. I am stepping into the world, the simplified version. 

Feel me flow.

Feel Me Flow!


  1. Beautiful pictures! Brings back some memories of the amazing jungles out there... enjoy

  2. inspiring mate, keep in it, on it, through it!!

  3. Oh thank God! You're alive! When are you coming back through KL?