Friday, January 11, 2013

One Jungle, One World

The boat from Bandar Seri Begawan to Bangar, the gateway to the Temburong District, was a thrilling ride, but once I got there, the town was empty.  It was midday Friday and everyone was off to the mosque for prayers. I just started walking down the road.  I had no clue of where I was off to, but I just started to walk. 

Clouds let loose a light drizzle so I cover my bag and walk on.  To my left a few houses; large trees with a bounty of fruit, orchids, a spectacle of color adorns their yards.  What would be exclusive and posh in the world of concrete is just a common sight when you conserve, preserve and respect the natural habitats that surround you. This stretch of Brunei is one of the best-preserved and unspoiled tropical rainforests that remain on the planet.  Here in Borneo, as has been the case in many other parts of our planet, most of the forests have been leveled by brutal logging and palm oil plantations that fill up the pockets of the few at the expense of all of us.

Everywhere you turn you encounter untamed wild. Green.  I want to see how it feels to walk inside.  I look over my shoulder to the right to see a road that invites me in.  As I’m making my way down this road, I notice a small footpath leading into the forest.  I slowly make my way in and lightly tread a few meters from the road.  I am greeted by the majesty of wilderness.


Dense mulch, an organic carpet teeming with life and vitality covers the floor to supports the massive columns that shoot up in search of light.  Ferns and fungi, creeping vines and tiny crawlers, six-legged creatures shuttering in the dense humid air, a palpable balance permeates what seems like chaos.  Every last molecule feels in place, all part of a much larger sphere of life, which is to be experienced but never fully understood.  Life is to be lived.

Life Support

          As I look up at the sky, my mind starts trippin’, a tear drops my eye.  As others were doing at that exact moment of the day, I am doing the same, I am here to pray.  Pray that this remains after our existence.  After all, this is the house of God.  Why would you destroy it?



  1. Juanse, I wish I could be there with you. Although, back home, this is so intense that my eyes filled up with tears. I love you. Papi

  2. Love it!! When is the next post about Lambir?